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Unicorn Pet products litter sand

Unicorn Pet Products Healthy Pet-Happy Home

Unicorn Pet Products, a FMCG arm of Tradeworth International, prime suppliers of building and construction material since 2010, are producers of Unicorn Cat Litter Sand, very popular local brand of international and export quality. Locally produced first time in Pakistan Unicorn Cat Litter sand is prepared with most advanced technology, using absorbent natural mineral material in fine and granular sand without adding any chemicals, starch or any other chemicals for clumping. Its natural and organic properties give Unicorn Cat Litter Sand its unique, strong deodorization characteristics.

Unicorn Litter has adorable milky color, with excellent scoopability which keeps the household environment presentable and fresh, making it the best choice for all cat owners and pet lovers.

Cat Litter Sand

Unicorn Cat Litter Sand is indigenous product made from natural organic material which is abundantly available in Pakistan. Unicorn Litter is made and packed keeping in view the exacting quality standards that match international quality. 

Product Features

Reliable &
Good Quality

To Clean

Helps Slow the
Development of Odour

Keeps Pets Cool
& Comfortable

Unicorn Pet products litter sand

Purely Natural
Mineral Product


Doesn't Stick to
the Pets Paws

Applicable for
Multiple Pets

Why Unicorn Pet Litter Sand?

* Natural & Mineral Product
* Organic sand with no chemicals added
* Does not stick to Cat’s paws and furs
* Prevents growth of bacteria
* Hygenic and healthy for cats
* Protects cats from all skin infections
* Soft and comfortable
* Pakistani product of International Standard
continuous availability guaranteed
* Affordable Price compared to Imported brands
* 99% no Dust, because dusty sand is irrating
for the cats

Unicorn Pet products litter sand



Unicorn Pet Products


5 Kg

Bulk PackingBulk Packing

Carton of 4x5kg

Dimension of 5Kg PackDimension of 5Kg Pack

20.5 x 10.30 x 2.5 Inches

Bulk Carton SizeBulk Carton Size

21 x 17 x 9


Absorbent Sand


Natural, Organic




Natural Unscented


Fine Sand


Sand Particle SizeSand Particle Size

0.400 Microns

Granular Particle SizeGranular Particle Size

< 1.5 mm