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We take pride in saying that we are the only local company producing international quality cat litter sand for maximum efficiency without compromise. Acclaimed as the best cat litter sand by Veterinarians, pet clinics, hospitals and cat owners, Unicorn cat litter sand is made from natural and organic deodorizing material. Our litter sand stands out in many ways. It is natural, without any chemicals, starch, unscented, does not stick to paws and furs, cat friendly, 99% dust-free, classic scoopable cat litter, keeps the home clean and odor-less. What is often ignored by cat owners, is the impact of the substrate on the health of their cat and everyone at home. At Unicorn, we take pride in saying that we go an extra mile to ensure that out litter does not affect your cat’s health. It is safe even if the cat swallows it.  Our motto is “delivering more for less”. Our 5kg pack has more quantity of litter sand than 5 liters conventional packs.

Pet animals especially cats are now part of family and no longer considered as craze or fashion. With ever increasing number of cat owners, the Global Cat Litter business is forecast to grow at compound annual growth rate of (CAGR) of 4% on yearly basis and it is estimated that this business market will be USD.13.44 Bln by 2028.

Having a pet at home and caring for it enhances one’s attachment to the companion animal and releases stress in its pet parents. At Unicorn, we believe that our furry pets deserve the very best and we want our cats to have healthy and long lives together with us.

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