Founder & CEO

Christopher B. Yousuf

Group Founder & CEO

Born in 1975 in a family of FMCG products manufacturing family business, Christopher is a born businessman. After completing his education from Karachi, he dabbled with couple of small scale business ventures and had great success with almost no capital. He is “the man with a plan and master with the mega blaster” as one of his British friends call him.

He founded Tradeworth International, an innovative building materials suppliers and today after 12 years he has earned a good name in construction industry supplying all sorts of building materials, to private and public sector.

Chris’ profile provides a succinct example of what a CEO should be. Making a humble start in 2010, he now owns Unicorn Pet Products, Champions Food Products, ( FMCG arms of Tradeworth International), Topworth International Shipping Agency and InfoTech Healthcare (Pvt) Ltd.

He is an animal lover and believes “pets are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole”. Recently he rescued a female Border Collie, female bitch badly bitten and abandoned with four pups. He housed her, looked after her pups who were later adopted by several of his family friends and some from FB. Mother is housed by him and he named her  ‘Orio’.

He is a well known businessman and member of Karachi Chambers of  Commerce and Industries and its other standing committees as well.