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  • Unicorn Pet products litter sand


    999    per piece of 5 Kgs

    Unicorn Cat Litter Sand is one of the best clumping, absorbent export quality litter sand locally produced for the first time in Pakistan, with the most advanced technology. It is manufactured using highly absorbent natural mineral material in fine and granular sand without adding any chemicals or other substances that give Unicorn Pet Products unique and strong clumping and deodorization characteristics.

    •       Neutralizes Odors on Contact
    •       Clumps Tight
    •       No Harsh Chemicals
    •       Low Dust
    •       Lightweight

    It is dust-free, has an adorable milky color and keeps the household environment presentable and fresh, making it the best choice for all cat owners and pet\ lovers. Cats are the only domesticated species in the family of Felidae and are often referred to as the domestic cats to distinguish it from the wild members of the family Felidae. Unicorn Cat Litter Sand is the best choice for your Fur babies.

  • Litter Sand for Cats & Pets

    999    per piece of 5 Kgs

    1. **Multi-functional**: Unicorn Pet Litter Sand is designed to be used both as a cat litter sand and as a bedding material for your pets. It offers a soft and cozy surface for your pet to rest on.